The Conscious Educator


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The Conscious Educator presents an honest, inspiring, and solutions-focused approach to creating more positive and equitable school experiences for every student. Inspired by her real-life teaching experiences as a former elementary school teacher, author Salandra Grice shines a light on the blind spots many teachers have when it comes to teaching culturally diverse students. She doesn’t shy away from holding every teacher accountable for committing to become a culturally conscious educator. The topics Salandra covers in this work include important connections between culture and learning, and the misinformed ideology of colorblindness among many K-12 educators.In this well-researched book, Salandra pulls no punches in her attempt to ask educators to self-reflect, and to accept accountability for the lack of culturally aware educational practices, and the prevalence of inequitable practices, currently in place in today’s schools. With its goal being the implementation of solutions to create greater pathways of success for every student, The Conscious Educator is the new guide for educators who want to be prepared to teach our 21st-century students. This book, filled with practical, ready-to-implement strategies and approaches for teaching diverse students, is the foundation for good teaching. Without these strategies and approaches, today’s trend of fast fixes to enhance student achievement won’t matter in attempts to close achievement gaps.The bottom line is this: If teachers do not know who they are teaching, then they cannot be effective in understanding how to teach them.

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