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Conscious Education Consulting is dedicated to helping all teachers and schools become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to create more equitable learning opportunities, increase academic achievement, and build authentic and caring relationships with diverse students and families. Guided by the belief that all schools should be ready to embrace, empower, educate, and include all students; increasing teacher knowledge in creating positive learning environments through culturally responsive and equity-based practices is our priority.



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“The Culturally Responsive Pedagogy workshop by Salandra Grice, is an educator’s opportunity to grapple with the inequities experienced in education and progress into a validating understanding of our country and the world. The strength of the workshop is evaluating currently utilized curriculum and expanding the knowledge base from which educators are trained and facilitate learning. My experience in the workshop has shed another layer of bias and judgement from my interpersonal relationships. It has helped me see how I can practice what I preach with integrity and compassion.”

Laura Cadenhead, M.Ed.

“I have had an opportunity to learn vital skills and tools to take into the classroom as well as create a lens to provide to teams within my school. Ms. Grice is passionate, and delivers powerful information in a way that is genuine while providing a safe place to share experiences for the benefit of students.”

Kari Strong

“I am so grateful that my school partnered with Salandra this year! Her knowledge, wisdom, and experience came at the perfect time. She has a wealth of information and resources to share. Each session prompted us to think critically about the deeply ingrained beliefs and values that shape our teaching practices, curriculum, and school culture. I am eager to continue learning more so that I may be better attuned to the experiences and needs of my students. Her work is not only essential to the future of education, but it also sparks a strong sense of purpose and meaning in the daily work we do as educators. Thank you, Salandra!”

Amanda Redman