Transforming Teachers, Transforming Schools

Conscious Education Consulting is dedicated to helping all teachers and schools become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to create more equitable learning opportunities, increase academic achievement,  and build authentic and caring relationships with all students. Guided by the belief that all schools should be ready to embrace, empower, and educate all students; increasing teacher knowledge in creating positive learning environments through culturally responsive practices is our mission.

Conscious Education Consulting helps teachers and schools in:

  • Creating classrooms and schools that foster equity, inclusion, and diversity.
  • Building collaborative and positive learning environments for every student.
  • Providing students with learning experiences that are culturally relevant and academically challenging.
  • Developing knowledge and skills in navigating the critical issues surrounding culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools.

Conscious Education Consulting provides on-site culturally responsive professional development, facilitates teachers in developing culturally relevant curriculum, and works intimately with schools in addressing their cultural competency needs.

Conscious Education Consulting provides 1 or 2-day Transformative Teaching workshops for schools and individuals invested in increasing student achievement and developing positive cross-cultural communication and understanding with students, parents, and communities through:

  • Integrating Multicultural Education in the Classroom
    • Gain a foundational understanding of the components of multicultural education and how to integrate its approaches in the everyday curriculum.
    • Acquire practical and ready-to-use strategies to help foster a positive classroom community, and facilitate authentic and caring relationships with students.
    • Understand how to engage students in challenging, meaningful, and relevant academic curriculum, and create more equitable learning environments for all students.
  • Becoming Culturally Responsive Teachers and Schools
    • Gain a foundational understanding of culturally responsive practices.
    • Understand the complexities of culture and how it impacts the learning experiences of students.
    • Discuss and understand the characteristics of culturally responsive teachers and schools.
  • Understanding Authentic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Schools
    • An introduction to important topics such as equity, diversity, and inclusion in our schools.
    • Discover how authentic implementation of these three elements can help teachers foster a positive and collaborative classroom community.
    • Create classrooms and schools which value diversity and equity, and increase academic achievement for all students.
  • Implicit Bias in Classrooms and Schools
    • Understand how implicit bias works in creating racial disparities in academic achievement and discipline rates in schools.
    • Investigate and discuss the origins and implications of implicit biases.
    • Learn strategies for addressing and eradicating implicit bias on the individual (classroom) and structural (school) levels.
    • Reflect on current teaching practices and work towards the inclusion of greater pathways towards equity for every student.
  • Conscious in K-2: Building the Foundations for Equity and Inclusion Right from the Start
    • Discuss and understand the origins and effects of bias on young children.
    • Examine anti-bias pedagogies such as culturally responsive teaching, anti-bias education, and multicultural education and how they can help teachers create more positive and equitable learning opportunities for culturally diverse students.
    • Observe examples of how to integrate important components of anti-bias education into our standard K-2 curriculum.
  • Every Student, Every Day: An Equity Approach to Classroom Management
    • Discuss and understand effective classroom management approaches through a lens of equity.
    • Analyze components of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and Restorative Discipline Practices and their positive effects on classroom climates and schools.
    • Observe and utilize examples of how to integrate important components of these practices in creating school atmospheres that foster belonging, inclusion, and social engagement for diverse learners.
  • Want something to fit the needs of your campus? Personalized trainings are available upon request! 

*CPE credit is available!

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