Conscious Education Consulting is dedicated to helping all teachers and schools become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to create more equitable learning opportunities, increase academic achievement, and build authentic and caring relationships with diverse students and families. Guided by the belief that all schools should be ready to embrace, empower, educate, and include all students; increasing teacher knowledge in creating positive learning environments through culturally responsive and equity-based practices is our priority. LEARN MORE


These four principles help educators create positive and equitable school environments which: embrace the diversity of the students in their care; empower students to create positive change; educate students with critical and academically challenging curriculum; and include historically marginalized voices, perspectives, and experiences to make learning more relevant, engaging, and meaningful for all students. DOWNLOAD PDF


  • Provide a welcoming and affirming environment.
  • Develop authentic and caring relationships with students and families.
  • Engage in the reduction and elimination of racist, discriminatory, or oppressive policies and practices.


  • Develop collaborative partnerships with parents, families, and the community.
  • Develop a sense of agency in students to make positive changes in their world and challenge the inequities they see.
  • Create an empowering school culture.


  • Utilize culturally relevant curriculum and resources.
  • Create equitable learning environments where all students can learn using their strengths.
  • Teachers and students are co-collaborators in knowledge.
  • Foster high expectations for every student.


  • Utilize teaching materials that provide windows and mirrors into the lives of diverse peoples.
  • Include multiple perspectives in constructing knowledge and welcome the use of diverse learning styles.
  • Create inclusive school policies that allow students to stay connected to the school community.



    • Able to foster authentic and caring connections with students and families of all backgrounds.

    • Committed to collaborating with students, families, and communities to remove barriers that create inequity.

    • Takes responsibility to provide culturally relevant, high-quality, and equitable learning experiences for all students.

    • Elevates marginalized voices, perspectives, and experiences so all students feel seen, valued, and safe.


    • Avoids issues related to race, equity, or inclusion. Cannot relate to or teach students from diverse backgrounds.

    • Lacks sociopolitical awareness. Adheres to meritocratic individualistic beliefs.

    • Blames student underachievement on culture, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics.

    • Believes all students and families should adopt dominant cultural norms, values, and behaviors while in school.


Conscious Education Consulting specializes in culturally responsive and equity-based practices. Cognizant of the need for teachers to be effective for all students, a guiding principle of this company is that in order to create more equitable schools, teachers must be able to create more positive and inclusive learning environments to increase their effectiveness in educating culturally and linguistically diverse students. Culture is central in creating learning environments that foster the achievement of diverse learners (Gay, 2010). Teachers with essential knowledge of the connections between culturally responsive teaching and the academic achievement of diverse students create pathways that close achievement gaps and enable success for every student, every day.

Workshops/Professional Development

Conscious Education Consulting workshops are reflective, informative, engaging, and interactive! Every learning experience is designed to help all teachers and schools grow their cultural competence, socio-political awareness, and increase their effectiveness in working with culturally, linguistically, economically, religiously diverse, and differently-abled students and their families. Every workshop is facilitated by experienced PK-16 educators with over 50 years of combined experience in various grade levels, subject areas, and advanced training in culturally responsive and equity-based pedagogies.



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