Conscious Education Consulting specializes in culturally responsive and equity-based practices. Cognizant of the need for teachers to be effective for all students, a guiding principle of this company is that in order to create more equitable schools, teachers must be able to create more positive and inclusive learning environments to increase their effectiveness in educating students in a pluralistic society. Culture is central in creating learning environments that foster the achievement of diverse learners (Gay, 2010). Teachers with essential knowledge of the connections between culturally responsive teaching and the academic achievement of diverse students create pathways that close achievement gaps and enable success for every student, every day. 

Conscious Education Consulting provides on-site Transformative Teaching professional development workshops, assists teachers in developing culturally relevant curriculum, and facilitates Transformative Learning Journeys with classrooms and schools.

*CPE credit is available!

 Transformative Teaching Workshops Available:

  • Integrating Multicultural Education in the Classroom
  • Becoming Culturally Responsive Teachers and Schools
  • Understanding Authentic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Schools
  • Implicit Bias in Classrooms and Schools

Transformative Learning Journey (Exclusive Consulting Package)

  • Year-long, custom-designed learning experiences for school-wide approaches to increasing the achievement of culturally and linguistically diverse students.
  • Includes one-on-one coaching, on-site teacher observations, individualized or campus goal-setting sessions, and much more!


Check out this exclusive interview with BRAVE founder Ange Atkinson to learn more about our approach to culturally responsive education!

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