Conscious Education Consulting workshops are reflective, informative, engaging, and interactive! Designed to help all teachers and schools grow their cultural competence in working with culturally, linguistically, economically, religiously diverse, and differently-abled students and their families.

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September Workshop:

Join me to discover what it takes to cultivate the mindset needed to create supportive, equitable, and culturally responsive learning experiences for every student, every day! During this 2-hour live Zoom event, teachers will reflectively discuss and understand the importance of:

  • Cultivating cultural competence when teaching and supporting culturally diverse students and families.
  • Developing an understanding of the structural inequities many students and families face in obtaining access and opportunity in our classrooms, schools, and in our society. Plus, understand what teachers can do to interrupt the vicious cycle of the “blame-game” when discussing student underachievement and adopting a commitment to shared accountability, aiming for equity, and removing barriers in our spheres of influence.
  • Developing a greater understanding of best practices in culturally responsive and equity-based teaching to ensure we are providing culturally relevant and equity-focused support to students and families while online and in school.


October Workshop:

In this 2-hour live Zoom mini-workshop event, teachers will understand the connections between selecting culturally relevant texts and literacy development and the importance of selecting children’s books with every students’ needs in mind. 

Participants will:

•Discuss and understand the connections between literature and students’ academic, social-emotional, and identity development needs.

•Identify gaps and discuss strategies for improving classroom collections to be reflective of the needs and identities of all students.

•Analyze selections from personal libraries to determine their appropriateness in creating a culturally responsive classroom library.