Conscious Education Consulting workshops are reflective, informative, engaging, and interactive! Designed to help all teachers and schools grow their cultural competence in working with culturally, linguistically, economically, religiously diverse, and differently-abled students and their families.

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Are you ready to take your culturally responsive knowledge and skills to the next level? Are you ready to become truly confident and truly effective in culturally responsive, equity-focused, and anti-racist practices? Here’s your chance!

Conscious Education Consulting, LLC presents this exclusive 10-part series to help every educator (PK-12) strengthen their ability to practice effective culturally responsive, equity-focused, and anti-bias/anti-racist teaching with EVERY student, EVERY day!

Hosted by educator, author, and founder of Conscious Education Consulting, Salandra Grice, M.Ed., this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Don’t get it twisted! This 10-part, intensive, coaching style series is not like any training you’ve been to before! I won’t just show you how to become a culturally responsive teacher, I will SUPPORT you on your journey in doing so every step of the way! That’s right, this will not be your typical one-and-done professional development. This will be a hands-on, reflective, engaging, personalized, and effective opportunity to gain the critical knowledge EVERY educator needs to be able to embrace, empower, educate, and include every single student in TRULY culturally responsive ways!

You WILL leave each session with:

Increased knowledge and skills in authentic culturally responsive practices; tools, strategies, and resources to solve your immediate concerns/issues in implementing culturally responsive practices; and comprehensive SUPPORT to do so EFFECTIVELY!

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