Conscious Education Consulting is a professional development provider for teachers and schools. Conscious Education Consulting focuses on increasing student achievement and positive learning environments through culturally responsive and equity-based teaching practices. Founded by  Salandra Grice, an educator, author, and advocate for equity in schools; Conscious Education Consulting is dedicated to preparing teachers and schools to provide more positive, culturally relevant, and equitable learning experiences for every student.

Culture is central in creating learning environments that foster the achievement of diverse learners (Gay, 2010). Teachers with essential knowledge of the connections between culturally responsive teaching and the academic achievement of diverse students create pathways that close achievement gaps and enable success for every student, every day. By increasing teacher knowledge and understanding about the histories, perspectives, values, and beliefs of the diverse students in their schools, teachers can begin to create more equitable learning environments and build more authentic and caring relationships with their diverse students. Conscious Education Consulting is dedicated to working together with teachers and schools to address the issues our diverse students face and create more equitable pathways towards increased student success.

“It doesn’t matter how many math, reading, or writing strategies teachers have. If we don’t know who our students are culturally, historically, or individually; we can’t teach them.”

                     -Salandra Grice, M.Ed.

Salandra Grice, M.Ed. is an educator, author, and founder of Conscious Education Consulting, LLC.