Conscious Education Consulting is a professional development provider for teachers and schools. Conscious Education Consulting focuses on increasing student achievement and positive learning environments through culturally responsive and equity-based teaching practices. Founded by Salandra Grice, an educator, author, and advocate for equity in schools; Conscious Education Consulting is dedicated to preparing teachers and schools to provide more positive, culturally relevant, and equitable learning experiences for every student.

Our methods include a combination of professional development, coaching, and various equity evaluations which identify targeted areas of improvement, aid in goal setting, develop planning for implementation, and create action-based equity initiatives that create equitable, academically, and socially successful environments for every learner. 

Founded by Salandra Grice, M.Ed., she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with Teacher Certification from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2006. She received her Masters of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Urban Education from Texas A&M University in 2019. She is currently obtaining a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction in Multicultural Education at Texas A&M. Salandra has a decade of experience in the elementary classroom and her experiences as a student, an educator, and a parent have helped shaped her approaches in helping educators create high-quality, caring, positive, and equitable school experiences for EVERY student.

Conscious Education learning experiences focus on helping educators understand that culture is central in creating learning environments that foster the achievement of diverse learners (Gay, 2010).  The goal of every workshop is to provide teachers with essential knowledge of the connections between culturally responsive teaching and the academic achievement of diverse students which create pathways that close achievement gaps and enable success for every student, every day. By increasing teacher knowledge and understanding about the histories, perspectives, values, and beliefs of the diverse students in their schools, teachers can begin to create more equitable learning environments and build more authentic and caring relationships with their diverse students. A key component in this accomplishment is the development of equity-minded educators who can identify and address the inequities present within the classroom or school environment. Conscious Education Consulting is dedicated to working together with teachers and schools to address the issues our diverse students face and create more equitable pathways towards increased student success.

“It doesn’t matter how many math, reading, or writing strategies teachers have; if we don’t know who our students are culturally, historically, or individually, we can’t teach them.”

                     -Salandra Grice, M.Ed.

Salandra Grice, M.Ed. is an educator, author, and founder of Conscious Education Consulting, LLC.

Meet Our Equity Team

Alexes M. Terry, M.Ed.

Alexes M. Terry is an educator, author, and founder of TwistED Teaching Educational Consultant company. She specializes in Urban Education and is passionate about supporting and empowering educators, in inner-city schools, creating equitable learning spaces where all students can succeed. She possesses a B.A. in History, an M.A. in History, and M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Urban Education. Using the theories of Culturally Relevant Teaching and Reality Pedagogy, Alexes strives to help all educators “twist” the way they do teaching and learning by creating learning experiences that are engaging, relevant and will empower all students to thrive in the 21st century and beyond. 

Profiles of more fantastic Equity Consultants coming soon!