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Presenter: Salandra Grice, M.Ed.

The Conscious Educator: Becoming Culturally Responsive Teachers and Schools

During this interactive and self-reflective course, teachers will gain foundational knowledge and skills in culturally responsive/relevant practices. Teachers will discover the critical connections between culture and learning; understand how culture influences students’ learning experiences in schools, and develop critical skills that foster a mindset focused on authentic equity and culturally affirming practices in all aspects of teaching and learning. Session Themes: culturally responsive teaching, culturally relevant pedagogy

About the Presenter: Salandra Grice is an educator, author of the book The Conscious Educator, and the founder of Conscious Education Consulting. She has a decade of experience in the elementary classroom. She received her Masters in Urban Education from Texas A&M University and is receiving her Ph.D. in Multicultural Education from Texas A&M as well. She is also one of the co-founders of the Color CodED Community, a network of culturally responsive educators dedicated to promoting culturally responsive and equitable learning experiences for students.

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: K-12 educators

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Rethinking, Revamping, and Revitalizing Black Histories in K-12 Schools

This one-of-a-kind workshop guides educators looking to include more authentic, accurate, and complete histories of Black Americans, the African Diaspora, and more into their standard curriculum! This workshop is presented through a lens of rethinking the way we teach about Black histories; revamping the curriculum we use to instill Black critical knowledge; and revitalizing a love, respect, and positive affirmation of Black peoples throughout the nation and the world! Participants will walk away with increased knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the African Diaspora and how to create dynamic Black historical experiences for students which include not only the history of oppression, but Black agency, resilience, and JOY! Participants will also leave with a wealth of resources to help them not only teach their students about Black history but through Black history. Please note: This workshop is excellent preparation for teaching the new African American Studies TEKS for Texas 9-12 educators! But ALL are welcome to attend!!!

Session Themes: Black history, ethnic studies

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: K-12 educators

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The Anti-Racist Teacher: From Awareness to Ally to Co-Conspirator

This self-reflective and thought-provoking course will guide educators on the journey of anti-racism in education. This course will help educators who are committed to interrupting the status-quo of racial inequity in schools gain the self-reflective practice of acknowledging their own position in a racist society; identifying biases and questioning assumptions, and moving from awareness of racial inequity to committed action to eradiating it at its root in our schools and society. Participants will leave with actionable steps to begin creating anti-racist/anti-bias classrooms and schools for their diverse students. Session Themes: anti-racism, anti-bias, teacher education

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: K-12 educators

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Conscious in K-2: Building a Foundation for Equity and Inclusion Right from the Start!

Conscious in K-2 is an interactive and reflective learning series exclusively designed for the K-2 educator! During this course, teachers will discover connections between early academic development and culturally responsive teaching. This session guides educators in helping create learning environments that grow young learners’ language, literacy, math, and inquiry skills while building positive self-identifies and respect for diversity in the classroom, school, community, and society at large! Teachers will leave with a deeper understanding of culturally responsive practices and resources and tools to help effectively create classroom environments that embrace, empower, educate, and include, every student, every day! Session Themes: culturally responsive teaching, early childhood education CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: K-2 educators

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Presenter: Dr. Taylor Gilley

Equity vs Equal: Building a Culturally Responsive Classroom for Diverse Learners

Educators will acquire several strategies for building equitable classrooms and learn how to confront the uneven playing field often seen in today’s diverse world. Educators will discuss barriers to equity as well as build activities for students, classrooms, and schools to help build safe, global environments where students can feel successful.  Session Themes: culturally responsive teaching, equity

About the Presenter: Dr. Gilley has a background and a passion for providing equitable classroom communities for diverse learners. Ms. Gilley received her Masters of Education in Teacher Leadership with an emphasis in ESL in 2016. She completed her Ph.D. in Urban Education from Texas A&M University in March of 2021. Dr. Gilley’s personal experiences growing up as a student and the child of an educator in a diverse, rural school district in deep East Texas, and her own experience as a white teacher in an urban district, fueled her desire to provide leadership and direction for teachers new to urban school settings. Currently serving as a Lead Development Specialist for Spring ISD, she provides professional development, mentoring, and coaching to teachers to support their efforts to provide a successful environment for today’s population of diverse learners.

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: K-12 educators

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Equitable Classroom Management: Building Your Classroom Community

Every educator must lay the foundation for a safe and secure environment where students feel free to learn and explore. Using strategies like Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), educators will discuss and plan an equitable classroom community where all students can thrive. Session Themes: classroom management, equity, PBIS

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend:K-12 educators

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Presenter: Beatrice Moore

How to Integrate Growth Mindset Principles into Daily Mathematics Instruction (Elementary)

This professional development opportunity will provide you with easy to implement strategies that support productive struggle, learning from mistakes, reflective practice, and current brain research that align with Growth Mindset research as well as the Mathematics TEKS. Session Themes: mathematics, growth mindset

About the Presenter: Bea has 40 years of experience as a mathematics educator working in the capacity of the classroom teacher (middle and high school), district mathematics supervisor, mathematics coach, consultant, and author. Her certification includes Secondary Mathematics, Spanish, and Speech. She is a past member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Board of Directors and has served in leadership roles in numerous professional organizations at the national and state level.

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: K-5 educators

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How to Integrate Growth Mindset Principles into Daily Mathematics Instruction (Secondary)

This professional development opportunity will provide you with easy to implement strategies that support productive struggle, learning from mistakes, reflective practice, and current brain research that align with Growth Mindset research as well as the Mathematics TEKS. Session Themes: mathematics, growth mindset

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: 6-12 educators

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Reading Strategies for the Mathematics Classroom

Participants will be given very specific strategies that integrate best practices from Reading into mathematics instruction with a focus on vocabulary development and reading that is applicable to mathematics. The TEKS Mathematical Process Standards will be highlighted as well. This session provides the perfect support for teachers who have students whose reading abilities are subpar, English Language Learners and students who have difficulty with story problems. Session Themes: mathematics, reading, content integration

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: 3rd-8th grade educators

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How Do I Know What They Know? Easy To Use Formative Assessment Ideas For Secondary Mathematics

Participants will be engaged in discussions and activities that address formative classroom assessment designed for both individual tasks and cooperative group tasks. These assessment options are designed to (1) increase students’ understanding of concepts through verbal interaction with peers, (2) provide feedback to the instructor on the cognitive processes students use to answer questions, (3) reinforce the classroom learning environment, and (4) model a variety of assessment methods. Because group work is targeted, additional strategies for forming groups quickly and efficiently and, at the same time, to vary the composition and sometimes the size of the groups throughout a lesson will also be addressed. Session Themes: assessment, equity

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: 3rd-8th grade educators

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Presenter: Ashley Martin

Skills for Success: Soft Skills & Professional Expectations

Could you use an upgrade in the area of your professional expectations? Effective communication, collaboration, and emotional intelligence are game-changers professionally (and can even help you personally). During Skills for Success: Soft Skills & Professional Expectations, we will take a deep dive into three areas that can reduce conflict, help you get more done, and foster healthy, collegial relationships. Session Themes: professional skills, teacher preparation

About the Presenter: Ashley M. Martin is the principal consultant of Leadership Lady, a training and development company focused on helping people & organizations close their leadership and soft skills gaps to improve operational efficiency. Before training and consulting, Ashley served as an educational leader in public education as a teacher and later an administrator. She has a Master’s in Educational Leadership and is the author of Focus: Productive Leadership in Action and other books.

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: K-12 educators, school leaders

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Presenter: Andrea Atkinson

Pedagogy, Responsibilities, and Professionalism 

During this course, teachers will learn the science of teaching as we delve deeper into researched-based best practices. In addition, we will talk about the responsibilities of a teacher and specific strategies for remaining professional despite any circumstance. Session Themes: professional responsibilities, teacher preparation

About the Presenter: Andrea Atkinson is an educational consultant with 22 years of teaching experience. She coaches teachers, parents, and students by providing practical educational information to help her clients accomplish their educational goals. Her certifications include: Principal (emphasis in Instruction, Supervision, and Administration), ESL, Self-Contained (1-8) in all content areas.

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: K-12 educators

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Texas Educator Test Prep Session

During this session, I will teach proven strategies for mastering any teacher certification test. Remarkably, these strategies do not differ much from what teachers might share with students. Learn how to identify keywords as well as how to use strategies to study for a  specific content area. Session Themes: teacher preparation, test preparation

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: K-12 educators

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Presenter: Elissa Frazier

C.Re.A.T.E and Empower all Students: Instructional Equity By Design

This comprehensive and robust offering is designed to build teacher competencies to close the digital divide through culturally-responsive, and technology-enhanced lesson design, as a two-part training. Equity-centered transformation through CRP and Tech is defined as: Using technology as an instructional tool within all aspects of teaching and learning [instructional practices, content & curriculum, creating an inclusive and positive social and emotional environment] to value and affirm students’ cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and experiential backgrounds to reach and respond to ALL students’ needs, and to deliver high-quality and effective instruction in a physical, blended, or online space. Participants will increase their understandings of CRP and Tech through engaging discussions, activities, and evidence-based practices. As tangible take-aways, they will analyze and deconstruct prior lessons and begin the process of redesigning them for sustaining impact. Session Themes: culturally responsive teaching, technology

About the Presenter: Elissa Frazier is a practitioner-researcher and Educational Consultant. She provides school-based and district level professional development to take organizational initiatives and bring them to fruition through coaching and training, collaborating with stakeholders, co-creating strategic plans, and cultivating implementation partnerships. Elissa’s research focuses on culturally responsive practices, educational technology integration, and instructional equity.  For the last fourteen years, Elissa has worked in both urban and suburban schools at the elementary and high school levels serving as an English teacher, Reading Specialist, and Instructional Coach. She is the Founder of NIA Development and Educational Design Solutions, and the Co-Founder of The Color CodED Community.

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend:

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Presenter: Dr. JoAnn Robisheaux

Teaching Academic Content and Literacy to English Learners in Elementary and Middle School

Many English learners lack opportunities to develop the sophisticated, abstract, academic vocabulary necessary to support reading, writing, and discussion of the academic topics covered in school. This can, and frequently does, lead to struggles with complex texts that are loaded with abstract content and academic vocabulary. The State Standards for English Language Arts require that students acquire grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific vocabulary, and use these words accurately. This provides a window of opportunity for English learners and their teachers because building academic vocabulary is now a key part of the core curriculum. The goal of this course is to offer educators specific, evidence-based recommendations that address the challenge of teaching English learners in the elementary and middle grades: building their English language proficiency while simultaneously building literacy, numeracy skills, and content knowledge of social studies and science. The course provides practical and coherent information on critical topics related to literacy instruction for English learners. Participants will receive many examples of how to implement the recommended strategies as well as graphic organizers to guide students through the lessons. Session Themes: English language learners, English Language Arts

About the Presenter: Jo Ann Robisheaux, Ph.D. started her career in the Denver Harbor neighborhood of Houston.  While working there, she was so amazed by the power of bilingual education, she returned to school to learn Spanish, earned her bilingual education certification, and spent the next forty-plus years specializing in the education of English language learners. Dr. Robisheaux has authored several academic articles, taught university-level classes, and worked as an elementary classroom teacher.  

CPE Hours: 6 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: K-8 educators

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Presenter: Mitchell Fontenot

Setting the Stage: Creating Safe Spaces for Growth and Development

This course explores the possibilities of enhancing instruction by creating an environment of social and emotional learning through reflective practices, emotional intelligence, and simple awareness of challenges in a 21st-century classroom. We will examine researched-based practices and how emotion, mindfulness, and ego, can affect your role as an educator, and how such critical elements can transform your classroom into holistic spaces of learning.  Session Themes: social-emotional learning, culturally responsive teaching

About the Presenter: Mitchell is an established and effective educator, developing strategies to connect with and motivate even the most challenging students. He was voted Hastings Ninth Grade Center Teacher of the Year in the 2015-2016 session and served on the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee the following year. In 2019 Mitchell completed the Master of Education program at Texas A&M University in College Station. With a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction and an emphasis on urban education, he developed a deeper understanding of the policies and practices that challenge efforts to provide educational equity to students from underserved communities. Currently, Mitchell is an educator in Fort Bend ISD and believes in a holistic approach to student learning. With an instructional style rooted in reality-based pedagogy, he emphasizes the importance of relationship-building/management and socioemotional learning and is an advocate of culturally responsive teaching.

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend:6-12 educators

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Lakisha Thelusma, M.Ed.

Let Your Families Be the Teacher: The Power of Home/School Connection in Becoming A Culturally Responsive Educator

How often do elementary teachers utilize the most valuable asset to their classroom culture and environment? Who might this be you ask? The families! That’s right, your students’ families can help inform every single aspect of your classroom culture, lessons, and student experiences. In order to reach and adequately teach a diverse group of learners, teachers must fully understand what is most valued by their students, what’s important to their culture, and how both environmental and social factors impact them daily. You may start thinking, “I can barely get families to call me back or volunteer in the classroom.” This course will teach you how you can – try asking families something about where they come from and their experiences and/or struggles as a person of color. You will be surprised how a simple question can create a lasting relationship. Learn more about how families can help you become a culturally responsive educator through this 1.5 hour CPE course. Session Themes: family-school partnerships, culturally responsive teaching

About the Presenter:

Lakisha Thelusma is a former teacher in both urban and gentrified areas in the District of Columbia. In this capacity, she has witnessed first-hand the perplexing myriad of disparities in high-quality education, opportunities, and exclusionary disciplinary methods. She believes education is the cornerstone of our society and is a partnership between students, parents, teachers, and the community. As an advocate for high-quality public preschools in marginalized communities, Lakisha received a Masters in Early Childhood Education with a focus on Advocacy.

CPE Hours: 1.5 Date/Time: TBA Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: PK-6 educators

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Part 1: The Conscious Educator: Cultivating Cultural Competence– Participants will discover the critical connections between culture and learning and what it means to cultivate cultural competence when teaching and supporting culturally diverse students and families. Go to Course

Part 2: The Conscious Educator: Developing Socio-Political Awareness- Participants will develop an understanding of the structural inequities many students and families face in obtaining access and opportunity in our classrooms, schools, and in our society. Plus, understand what teachers can do to interrupt the vicious cycle of the “blame-game” when discussing student underachievement and adopting a commitment to shared accountability, aiming for equity, and removing barriers in our spheres of influence. Go to Course

Part 3: The Conscious Educator: Understanding Culturally Responsive and Equity-Based Practices– Participants will develop a greater understanding of best practices in culturally responsive and equity-based teaching to ensure we are providing culturally relevant and equity-focused support to students and families. Go to Course

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