So, You Want to Be an Anti-Racist Educator? Let’s Get it Right So We Don’t Keep Missing the Mark

In the past few weeks, I have felt like I lived in an alternate universe. As a longtime advocate for equity in schools, and an unapologetic Black educator who openly (in person and online) speaks out against racism, I have not always been everyone’s “cup of tea.” In the classroom, I was often reprimanded by […]

Teaching for Social Responsibility: Facilitating Critical Conversations in the Classroom

As the political waters around us grow murkier and murkier, the fear that freedom of speech is under attack run rampant without any critical reflection as to its validity. Teachers, who still claim a sense of social responsibility to develop students into active global citizens are looking for ways to engage in critical dialogues with […]

It’s 2019! Time To Get Rid Of Racism In Our Schools!

After a year of a Texas superintendent’s remark about not being able to “count on” black quarterbacks, a Louisiana teacher’s post insinuating that people of color should “quit acting like animals,” and Idaho teachers dressing up as ‘Mexicans’ and a Make America Great Again (MAGA) wall; 2019 needs to be decidedly different. This new year, […]

3 Myths About Multicultural Education That Must Be Dispelled

Want to know one of the fastest ways to clear a room full of educators? Mention the words diversity, inclusion, urban, culture, race, or multicultural. Want to clear a room even faster? Mention all of these words at once when talking about how to improve the learning experiences of our nation’s students, and you may […]

Rethinking Columbus

One of the most important aspects of multicultural education is the curriculum. I cannot stress this enough. In today’s standards-based (or obsessed) curriculum it is crucial to implement multiple perspectives across ALL disciplines. One of the main goals in choosing a curriculum for a multicultural approach is to make sure what you are teaching is […]