How Do I Know What They Know? Easy To Use Formative Assessment Ideas For Secondary Mathematics


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Participants will be engaged in discussions and activities that address formative classroom assessment designed for both individual tasks and cooperative group tasks. These assessment options are designed to (1) increase students’ understanding of concepts through verbal interaction with peers, (2) provide feedback to the instructor on the cognitive processes students use to answer questions, (3) reinforce the classroom learning environment, and (4) model a variety of assessment methods. Because group work is targeted, additional strategies for forming groups quickly and efficiently and, at the same time, to vary the composition and sometimes the size of the groups throughout a lesson will also be addressed. Session Themes: assessment, equity

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: June 17, 2021 @ 9 am-11 am CST Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: 3rd-8th grade educators