C.Re.A.T.E and Empower all Students: Instructional Equity By Design


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This comprehensive and robust offering is designed to build teacher competencies to close the digital divide through culturally responsive, and technology-enhanced lesson design, as a two-part training. Equity-centered transformation through CRP and Tech is defined as: Using technology as an instructional tool within all aspects of teaching and learning [instructional practices, content & curriculum, creating an inclusive and positive social and emotional environment] to value and affirm students’ cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and experiential backgrounds to reach and respond to ALL students’ needs, and to deliver high-quality and effective instruction in a physical, blended, or online space. Participants will increase their understandings of CRP and Tech through engaging discussions, activities, and evidence-based practices. As tangible take-aways, they will analyze and deconstruct prior lessons and begin the process of redesigning them for sustaining impact. Session Themes: culturally responsive teaching, technology

CPE Hours: 2 Date/Time: July 1, 2021 @ 9 am-11 am CST Location: Via Zoom Who Should Attend: