Conscious in Kinder

We are not only committed to growing more conscious teachers and schools, we also have opportunities for the littles, too!

Conscious in Kinder is an interactive reading experience for the very youngest learners! We have combined our knowledge of the connections between early literacy development, academic achievement, and social-emotional learning to help you grow your students’ language and literacy skills, positive self-identities, comfort with diversity, and confidence to create positive change in their communities.

We are committed to engaging your PreK-2nd learners in literacy practices and skills necessary for successful literacy development through fun, interactive, and culturally relevant ways! Fun props, dolls, music, dancing, and role-playing are only a few of the fun techniques we use to keep your students engaged and learning along with us! Let us join you and your students during their library time (or anytime) and share our love of diverse literature with you!

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Our read-aloud lessons are aligned with state standards and culturally responsive practices. Check out our line up of interactive read-aloud topics and themes and a few of the books we use:

Multicultural Nursery Rhymes & Folktales: Explore fables, folktales, and nursery rhymes from diverse cultures within and outside of the United States.

Building Positive Self-Identities: Students will feel embraced, empowered, and a greater sense of self-love after diving into books about loving all the unique and diverse attributes that make us all special in our own way!

Celebrate Diversity: Students will interact with books that develop the importance of a positive sense of community and affirms the diversity in us all by encouraging students to appreciate cultural diversity in their communities and around the world!

Compassion, Empathy, & Kindness: Students will take a walk in the shoes of another, appreciate diverse perspectives and experiences, and develop a greater sense of love, compassion, and care for every human being!

We Can Change the World!: Students will walk away with a greater sense of advocacy as they encounter change agents who took a stand for what was right in an effort to make the world a better place!

The History in Me: Students will make connections from their lives to the past as images of greatness are reflected back to them through profiles of the diverse history-makers of our time!

Confronting Bias and Hate: This critical literacy journey introduces young learners to important social justice issues and events. Students will be introduced to groundbreaking stories about what it takes to work towards equality, liberty, and justice for all!

STEAM and Me!: Students will explore stories of diverse mathematical and scientific trailblazers in an effort to inspire the genius in them!

Holidays and Me!: Students will learn and explore important traditions and celebrations of diverse peoples. Students will leave with a greater understanding and appreciation for the sacred and honored traditions of others while reflecting on similarities and differences within their own important traditions.

Mo Willems, Mo’ Fun!: Students will have fun interacting with everyone’s favorite elephant, pig, and pigeon with our interactive take on many of Mo Willems’ famous books! These readings focus on acting out along with the characters, understanding how drawings convey feelings, and reading with emotion to help every student connect to these fun adventures!

There was an Old Lady Rhyme Time!: Students will interact, act out, and enjoy many of the Old Lady series books all while learning how to rhyme!

Individualized Lessons Available: Choose your own topic, theme, or author spotlight, plus much, much more!

*Integrated curriculum standards include objectives such as: print awareness, vocabulary development, phonemic awareness, main character, plot, main events, sequencing, problem, solution, resolution, making connections, and questions for critical thinking (just to name a few).