Conscious in Kinder

We must be dedicated to creating culturally responsive and equity-focused classrooms right from the start!

Conscious in Kinder is an interactive and reflective learning experience¬†exclusively designed for the PK-2nd grade educator! During this workshop series, educators will discover the connections between early academic development and culturally responsive environments that can grow students’ language, literacy, and math skills, develop positive self-identities, and create positive change in their communities.

We are committed to helping teachers engage their PreK-2nd learners in literacy, math, science, and social studies lessons which enable successful academic development through fun, interactive, and culturally relevant ways!

Every workshop is aligned with state standards (according to state) and culturally responsive practices. Check out our line up of workshop topics and themes!

Workshops Available:

Conscious in K-2: Building a Foundation for Equity and Inclusion Right From the Start

Children’s Literature Through Mirrors and Windows: Selecting Children’s Books with Every Student in Mind

The Stories We Tell: Integrating Multicultural Nursery Rhymes & Folktales

I See You, I See Me: Building Positive Self-Identities in Young Learners

Teaching from the Heart: Growing Students with Compassion, Empathy, & Kindness

We Can Change the World: Empowering Young Minds Through Differentiated Learning

The History in Me: Making Connections Through Social Studies Standards

A is for Activist: Confronting Bias and Hate in the Classroom

STEAM and Me: A Multicultural Look at Achievers of Color

And much, much, more!!!